Catherine_Jordan_profile_pictureName: Catherine Jordan

PhD Research Area: Psychology

Department(s): School of Psychology, Philosophy & Language Sciences, Reid School of Music.

Supervisors: Professor Robert Logie, Dr Katie Overy & Dr Thomas Bak.




Catherine completed a BA (Psychology) at the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2012. A grade 8 pianist, Catherine became interested in the cognitive benefits of playing a music instrument. During her undergraduate degree, Catherine carried out an EEG study, utilising psychophysics methodology, she examined musician’s ability to detect temporal changes to a melody. In 2013, Catherine completed an MSc in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh. During her MSc she began to explore the effect of music expertise on an individual’s working memory. In 2013, she began a PhD in psychology, following on from her MSc dissertation, she explored whether musicians may have an additional structure in their working memory solely responsible for processing tonal information. Catherine is currently in the third year of her PhD and has begun to explore the relationship between a lifetime of music making and cognitive ageing, i.e. whether playing a music instrument may have some ‘protective effect’ of cognitive abilities as an individual age.


Research Interests

Music Cognition, cognitive neuroscience – working memory, cognitive ageing, language processing.


Invited Lectures & Conference Presentations

January 2016- Experimental Psychology Society Meeting, University College London.

October 2015- SEMPRE postgraduate Study Day, Glasgow Caledonian University


Poster Presentations

Jordan, C., Logie, R., & Overy, K. (2015) Music Cognition and Workign Memory: Exploring a possible tonal loop. Poster session, presented at SEMPRE conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, October 2015 & presented at Psychonomic’s Annual Meeting, Chicago, November 2015.

Jordan, C., Logie, R. & Overy, K. (2014) Music Cognition & Working Memory, Poster Session, presented at the International Conference for Working Memory, Cambridge, July, 2014.



Psychology 1, First Year Undergraduate, Course Tutor, University of Edinburgh.