Current PhD Students

Diljeet Bhachu, Reid School of Music

Qinhan Chen, Reid School of Music

Alec Cooper, Reid School of Music

Ruth Cowie, Reid School of Music & Department of Psychology

Shelly Coyne, Reid School of Music

Lucy Forde, Reid School of Music

Yili Gao, Reid School of Music

Diana Gilchrist, Reid School of Music

Nicky Haire, Reid School of Music

Yu-Fen Huang, Reid School of Music & Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Science

Noah Latchem, Reid School of Music & Brain Imaging Research Centre

Dorothy Lawrence, Department of Clinical Psychology & Reid School of Music

George Low, Reid School of Music

Una MacGlone, Reid School of Music

Emma Moore, Reid School of Music, Department of Psychology & Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Ailie-Jane Reid, Reid School of Music

Joy Vamvakari, Reid School of Music